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With time, the skin regenerates slowly, increasingly loses moisture increasingly dry and resulting struggle, the tissue relaxes and the skin no longer looks vibrant as before. Treatment for skin tightening is especially recommended for skin care after 40, although the treatment can be enjoyed and younger persons who may notice premature aging of the skin.

Helpful Guide – Premature aging can affect people who own face much sun exposure, people with hereditary premature formation of wrinkles or have less connective tissue. In this case, in Argon – the study of natural care is elected in preparations to meet the needs of younger, but demanding skin.

More than the usual treatments for the face:

In Argon I tried treatment for firming skin and surprise me that during treatment beautician is not exclusively addressed care of my face, but also the body. This process could be called and wellness treatment, which is not too surprising because Argon following holistic principles of care. Use natural Dr. Hauschka preparative cosmetics and great attention to relax the whole body and not use aggressive methods.

Treatment for skin firming lasts 80 minutes and includes:

*Foot bath,

*Massaging the feet and lower legs,

*Relaxing head and neck,

*Relaxation and stretching hands,

*Clean face and neck,


*Lymphatic stimulation,

*Special treatment of the skin of the face, neck and neck, and areas around the eyes,

*Mask, massage neckline and day care. Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss

After the treatment I felt relaxed, and since this treatment does not include mechanical cleaning does not leave any marks so that afterwards you can immediately return to your normal daily activities. The other day your face will be deeply nourished, smooth surface unevenness and looked fresher.


Kyle Leon Customized Fat LossWhat am I doing wrong?

Many women almost my whole life has a few extra pounds and relatively healthy food and regular exercise never fail to achieve their ideal weight. One of the basic prerequisites of adequate body weight of a regular intake of a meal , so if You try to lose just a few pounds surplus, and think that you feed a balanced and regularly do you do physical activity , do during the day to have long periods without food for meals distributed in three major and two minor:

Helpful Guide – Do not skip breakfast, and the capital and largest meal eat before 15 pm, dinner should be light and consumed at least two to three hours before bedtime.

Regarding physical activity, should increase the intensity, duration, or combined with some new form of exercise to maximize energy consumption’s very useful to keep track of your daily intake of calories and write it in the form of daily diet in order to determine the exact number of calories taken in and aware of any dietary errors, such as a high intake of fat in the diet or low protein intake.

Water plays an important role in weight loss, and should take account of its input and advice before each meal drink a glass of water.

At the beginning is always a lot more progress, and later they are at a higher level to go slower. This can be compared with the inflation of the balloon. Initially, the easier, and when we reach a certain plateau then to make a change in practice, the order of exercises, number of series of repetitions and the like. Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss

Should cause a shock to the body to react as if to adapt to new requirements and thus progress. They may change and exercises that need to be progressive and harder to terms of intensity and load. If good nutrition compound that does not need to change anything.

In the case of Iva notice these symptoms, and does not want to eliminate dairy products from the diet because they are a valuable source of magnesium and calcium is recommended to her consumption of hard cheeses such as cheddar and Emmental with a 90 percent lower lactose content, recommending her and fermented dairy products such as probiotic yogurt and kefir.

Helpful Guide – According genotypes¬† belongs to a group secretor which means that the ‘good’ bacteria are normal inhabitants of her digestive system and help digest food and protect the body against many harmful pathogenic bacteria, while those who are have enough desirable bacteria so they recommended increased consumption probiotic. However Iva has an increased propensity to illness of stomach viral and some strains of influenza.

Strength training for optimal results:

At the beginning is always a lot more progress, and later they are at a higher level to go slower. This can be compared with the inflation of the balloon. Initially, the easier, and when we reach a certain plateau then to make a change in practice.

The order of exercises, number of series of repetitions and the like should cause a shock to the body to react as if to adapt to new requirements and thus progress. Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss

They may change and exercises that need to be progressive and harder to terms of intensity and load. If good nutrition compound that does not need to change anything.

Eat pineapple:

Pineapple is not only enchanting tasty. This fruit contains brome lain, a compound that doctors used to treat stomach problems. Brome laid helps out the cells of the pancreas to break down the nutrients, so that the body can be use as energy.

Drink green tea:

Helpful Guide – Catechins, a group of chemicals that are found in green tea, accelerate metabolism and reduce the index weight. An additional advantage that it brings green tea is lowering ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol.

Eat spicy:

Capsaicin is the substance that gives hot flavor foods. Angry makes full use body: as well as uplifting and promotes sweating, accelerates blood circulation, which states that the body uses more energy to digest.

Awakens the caffeine:

The effect of caffeine is not just to maintain alertness. The active substance in coffee, Guarani and green tea speeds up your heart rate, respiration and metabolism. Studies have shown that people who drink coffee with caffeine are 18 percent faster metabolism than those who drink decaf drinks.

Drink water:

Water is essential for a variety of bodily functions, and one of them is the metabolism. Who drinks a day between eight twelve glasses of water a faster metabolism than those who drink a small amount? Do you drink cold water; will further speed up the metabolism because the body will expend energy to heat water. Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss

Alternately showering:

Showering alternating hot and cold water, as this will stimulate circulation and accelerate metabolism. While the body is trying to establish a normal temperature will consume more energy, or calories.

Reach for aromatherapy:

Essential oils of mint, lemon and grapefruit stimulate functioning of the central nervous system, which speeds up the metabolism. Put them in linen, in a warm bath or on a piece of cotton, and the occasional smell.

Kyle Leon Customized Fat LossIt is true that vegetarians are usually slim people who are overweight and do not fight for all is really a natural finish eating. Nevertheless, you should not throw the raw food from day to day and wait for the pounds fall off.

Kyle Leon eBook – It is instead a lifestyle that you want to follow, as we have said, because of his health. Many people swear by the detox based on this type of diet. Just a few days and you will feel better.

Think also of the negative – To vegetarians know of two sites – both good and bad, to say, what the negatives are. It is associated with it particularly inadequate intake of calcium, iron and vitamin B12, which are represented in large-animal products. If you supply them therefore failed to raise revenue collected materials containing them, can they lack experience.

If you look at the matter from a purely practical side, for many can be a problem and financial burden of this kind of diet. Since most food is preferred in organic quality, be them either grow or pay. Doctors tell this way

Especially in the winter months and increasing financial burden should be prepared for it. Now awaiting him from fitness trainers how to prevent a similar state of destruction and miraculous triumph once or patch of sport I asked body fitness coach Kyle Leon who is known as the author of Customized Fat Loss Program.

Kyle Leon Customized Fat LossYour success lies in the combination of fat burning and muscle drawing, so diverse and Exercise on every single part of the body. While in her childhood, we circumvented arc, today we look at it in droves meadows and gardens.

Fat loss eBook – We are talking about nettles, whose season came with the arrival of spring and until the end of the summer it will be enough around us. It is great for our health, tea and a variety of dishes and if you do not know why it added to your diet, be aware that it is an effective natural aid to lighten the body.

Rich nettle – After winter and before summer theme is more beautiful and healthier body still topical. Everyone wants to feel good and look even better, because we use including nature itself.

One of its products is the nettle, green plant, which our body reacts small red blisters and despite the unflattering reputation of being one of the best medicinal herbs – from the root, through the stem to the leaves and flowers. Doctors tell this way =>

It contains vitamins A, B and C, iron, magnesium, manganese, promoting substances antibacterial and antiviral processes and roots are also plenty of tannins or calcium. This is a really rich report that the nettle is especially in the spring, so do not hesitate and prefer it if you had a bypass, you take it home.

Kyle Leon Customized Fat LossWeight loss should be practicing – Diet is the number one, number two exercises. However, if you combine these two processes, the pounds will decrease much faster. Aerobic exercise does fat directly bedrooms, strengthening create space for the combustion and of course, face muscles.

Kyle Leon eBook – How much can lose weight in a month? Let’s be honest – everyone wants to lose weight quickly and permanently. However, if you do not fractured your health and maintain your weight loss, stick to the recommended numbers from two to four pounds per month. Believe that such a number that you can be the first hearing seems small, is seen on the body and gradually make big changes.

Can I somehow speed up weight loss? Impatience, but the comparison with the other may give the impression that your weight loss is slow. I’m sure you’ve already heard about his acceleration, but do not be lured into unhealthy dietary supplements, pills. Rather bet on quality care for your metabolism, because that can help your quest. Eat regularly; drink plenty of water and enough of course, chairs.

Doctors tell this way – Where is the line healthy weight loss? Weight loss is indeed in a sense the limitations, but should not you accompany him during medical conditions. Malaise, fatigue, irritability and even digestive problems, hair loss and graying skin means that something has “set” wrongly upload your vitamins, minerals, and if you have any food left out by force, in the same amount of return.