In the case of Iva notice these symptoms, and does not want to eliminate dairy products from the diet because they are a valuable source of magnesium and calcium is recommended to her consumption of hard cheeses such as cheddar and Emmental with a 90 percent lower lactose content, recommending her and fermented dairy products such as probiotic yogurt and kefir.

Helpful Guide – According genotypes  belongs to a group secretor which means that the ‘good’ bacteria are normal inhabitants of her digestive system and help digest food and protect the body against many harmful pathogenic bacteria, while those who are have enough desirable bacteria so they recommended increased consumption probiotic. However Iva has an increased propensity to illness of stomach viral and some strains of influenza.

Strength training for optimal results:

At the beginning is always a lot more progress, and later they are at a higher level to go slower. This can be compared with the inflation of the balloon. Initially, the easier, and when we reach a certain plateau then to make a change in practice.

The order of exercises, number of series of repetitions and the like should cause a shock to the body to react as if to adapt to new requirements and thus progress. Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss

They may change and exercises that need to be progressive and harder to terms of intensity and load. If good nutrition compound that does not need to change anything.