Kyle Leon Customized Fat LossWhat am I doing wrong?

Many women almost my whole life has a few extra pounds and relatively healthy food and regular exercise never fail to achieve their ideal weight. One of the basic prerequisites of adequate body weight of a regular intake of a meal , so if You try to lose just a few pounds surplus, and think that you feed a balanced and regularly do you do physical activity , do during the day to have long periods without food for meals distributed in three major and two minor:

Helpful Guide – Do not skip breakfast, and the capital and largest meal eat before 15 pm, dinner should be light and consumed at least two to three hours before bedtime.

Regarding physical activity, should increase the intensity, duration, or combined with some new form of exercise to maximize energy consumption’s very useful to keep track of your daily intake of calories and write it in the form of daily diet in order to determine the exact number of calories taken in and aware of any dietary errors, such as a high intake of fat in the diet or low protein intake.

Water plays an important role in weight loss, and should take account of its input and advice before each meal drink a glass of water.

At the beginning is always a lot more progress, and later they are at a higher level to go slower. This can be compared with the inflation of the balloon. Initially, the easier, and when we reach a certain plateau then to make a change in practice, the order of exercises, number of series of repetitions and the like. Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss

Should cause a shock to the body to react as if to adapt to new requirements and thus progress. They may change and exercises that need to be progressive and harder to terms of intensity and load. If good nutrition compound that does not need to change anything.