With time, the skin regenerates slowly, increasingly loses moisture increasingly dry and resulting struggle, the tissue relaxes and the skin no longer looks vibrant as before. Treatment for skin tightening is especially recommended for skin care after 40, although the treatment can be enjoyed and younger persons who may notice premature aging of the skin.

Helpful Guide – Premature aging can affect people who own face much sun exposure, people with hereditary premature formation of wrinkles or have less connective tissue. In this case, in Argon – the study of natural care is elected in preparations to meet the needs of younger, but demanding skin.

More than the usual treatments for the face:

In Argon I tried treatment for firming skin and surprise me that during treatment beautician is not exclusively addressed care of my face, but also the body. This process could be called and wellness treatment, which is not too surprising because Argon following holistic principles of care. Use natural Dr. Hauschka preparative cosmetics and great attention to relax the whole body and not use aggressive methods.

Treatment for skin firming lasts 80 minutes and includes:

*Foot bath,

*Massaging the feet and lower legs,

*Relaxing head and neck,

*Relaxation and stretching hands,

*Clean face and neck,


*Lymphatic stimulation,

*Special treatment of the skin of the face, neck and neck, and areas around the eyes,

*Mask, massage neckline and day care. Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss

After the treatment I felt relaxed, and since this treatment does not include mechanical cleaning does not leave any marks so that afterwards you can immediately return to your normal daily activities. The other day your face will be deeply nourished, smooth surface unevenness and looked fresher.